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The Way We Wore…

Tennyson, one of history’s most prolific Victorian poets, knew what he meant when he said, “Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.” I lost something yesterday that was truly dear to my heart (no, I’m not talking about the love of my life). This 1980s Charles Glueck of New York Victorian Inspired Blouse was one of the many items that made my vintage collection especially unique.

1980s Charles Glueck of New York Victorian Inspired Blouse

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Vintage McCall’s Dutch Apple Pie 4×5 Recipe Card

Is anyone baking this holiday season? Nothing beats the smell of fresh, oven-baked apple pie this time of year. I was going to bake another apple pie and look what I found hidden among my recipes. It’s a vintage McCall’s dutch apple pie recipe card. Do you remember these? They were the 4×5 cards that you ordered over the telephone from the TV ads. (Am I telling my age? Well, not really. This was my mother-in-law’s.)

Vintage McCall's Dutch Apple Pie Recipe Card

This card is circa 1973. It held up fairly well for 40 years, with some yellowing of the card and the corners taking a small amount of abuse and creasing. Pretty impressive to be almost middle-aged!

I remember these recipe cards coming as a set of related recipes, wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic. I loved the smell of the paper and plastic! There was even a plastic storage box you could order to arrange them in neatly. There were so many households ordering these, all before the days of Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ikea, and probably even the Fingerhut and Spiegel catalogs. Shopping was so different then…

This beauty isn’t for sale, it’s one for my treasury. Don’t worry, though. There are other vintage items on my Etsy shop, of course.

I Made My First Sale on Etsy Today

First Sale on Etsy

How exciting! My first day as an Etsy shop owner and I made my first sale. It was a vintage leather measuring tape.

Vintage Measuring Tape in Leather Case

Here’s the description I listed it with:

Whether you’re a DIY fix-it person or a collector, this vintage measuring tape will be sure to give you hours of function and pleasure. The case is constructed of an ochre-colored pebbled leather cover (slightly richer-colored than the picture shows) and the crank is made of brass. The pull handle of the tape measure is also made of brass for easy pulling. The words “Best Leather Case” are lightly debossed on the leather surrounding the crank.

This item has both function and aesthetic appeal. Decorate a book shelf with this statement piece, use it as a conversation starter, or use it on a DIY project.

Now I have to ship it out. I’ll celebrate with a glass of sparkling apple cider, then I’ll ship it out. Cheers to the first happy customer!

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What Story Would an Object Tell if it Could Speak?

As a child I loved to read stories, and loved to hear them. I still do, and often wonder what stories objects could tell if given the opportunity to speak.

While perusing my inventory, I stumbled upon these gold Salvatore Ferragamo open-toe pumps. My imagination began to soar and I visualized myself doing what the first wearer must have been doing and where she had been in these shoes. They say that “you’ll never understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” I surely wasn’t going to walk a mile, so I did the next best thing—I danced in them. She must have been a debutante, because I felt like I was at my first cotillion ball.

Vintage 1960s Salvatore Ferragamo Designer Gold Slingback Pumps

All eyes were on me and I was the object of every young gentleman’s desire and the envy of every junior debutante. I curtsied, as I was formally presented, only to realize that the tingling sensation that I was experiencing was not a feeling of pleasure…it was extreme pain. I immediately took off the shoes and realized that I was squeezing my size 7s into a size 5 1/2. Go figure! A girl can dream can’t she? Purchase these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes here for your collection or your fancy at

How do these Ferragamos speak to you? Share your thoughts.

-Have a very delightful day!